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Boye Lagerbon Jensen

Boye L. Jensen

Professor, ph.d.
Institutleder for Institut for Molekylær Medicin,  Professor i Fysiologi, Syddansk Universitet, Forskningskonsulent ved Afdelingen for Urologi, Odense Universitetshospital.


Telefon: +45 6550 3796

Research interest

Boye Jensen studied modes of renin release from the kidney at integrated and cellular level. The role of renin-angiotensin system in kidney development and blood pressure control has been an area of interest. The role of renal cyclooxygenases for Na excretion, renin release and kidney development has been studied in genetically modified mice, rats and in patient studies. By extensive collaboration, a unique biobank of human nephrectomy tissue has been established with depts.. of pathology and urology, OUH, and used for investigations of renal Na+ and water transport proteins. Since 2010 a major interest has been proteolytic activation of the epithelial Na+ channel in the kidneys in physiology and in proteinuria disease as e.g. diabetic nephropathy and preeclampsia. In collaborative human intervention studies and observational studies the findings have established a role for urinary proteases in hypertension and edema formation.

Methods and Techniques

qRT-PCR,  western blotting, immunohistochemistry, RIA and ELISA detection of hormones and transmitters –particularly the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, human intervention studies with blood pressure recordings and dietary salt intake modifications and 24 urine collections.


2-4 PhD students, usually 1-2 pregraduate/master students, 2-4 bachelorstudents/semester, 1-2 technical assistant on extramural funding


Physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology for medical, biomedical, population health science and pharmacy students


Outside department:

Consultant Claus Bistrup, Dept of Nephrology, OUH

Prof. Jan S Jørgensen, Dept Obstetrics, OUH

Associate prof. Mattias Carlstrom, Karolinska Institute, Univ. of Stockholm, Sweden

Consultants Ib Abildgaard Jacobsen, Jan E. Henriksen, Dept Endocrinology, OUH

Prof Niels Marcussen Dept of Clinical Pathology, OUH

Profs Frank Schvweda and Armin Kurtz, University of Regensburg, Germany

Consultants Reza Zamani, Anja Toft and Prof. Lars Lund, Dept of Urology, OUH

Prof Tianxin Yang, Salt Lake City USA

Membership in Societies

Danish Medical Association

Scandinavian Physiological Society

Danish Society of Pharmacology

Danish Hypertension Society

Danish Nephrology Society

American Physiological Society

Selected publications

Total of 145 peer-reviewed original contributions, 53 publications in 2010-2015;

Total of 2950 Citations; h-Index: 30 (Source: ISI Web of Science.)

Main supervisor for 11 PhD studies.


Sidst opdateret: 08.11.2023