Hjælp til ansøgninger - Horizon 2020

Open Access:

All peer reviewed scientific publications resulting from this action will be published Open Access in accordance with the requirements of the Model Grant Agreement, sec. 29.2.

Data Management:

The data resulting from this action will be published in accordance with the requirements of the Model Grant Agreement, sec. 29.3. Excepted from this are any data which are confidential, pose a security risk, contain person identifiable data or data whose publication would jeopardize the achievements of the projects main objectives, as described in Annex 1.

Denne tekst er fra OpenAIREs Guide for Research Administrators til EC-fundede projekter:

In support of the EC Digital Agenda4 and the Economic Growth agenda of the Innovation Union (Green Action Plan), the consortium will fully integrate Grant Agreement Article 29 into its workflow at task level. Foreground data (state diversity of data generated) will be permanently archived at generation in STATE REPOSITORY and publicly released and/ or published (with the exception of Third Party data, national security data, medical/patient data) during the lifetime of the project.

Software code, tools and interfaces developed as part of the concept will be open source code and full access provided via XXX REPOSITORY. Resulting research publications (refer to tasks/WP most likely to publish) will also be made openly available via e-Infrastructure OpenAIRE (DG CONNECT; request letters of support), predominantly relying on the Green Open Access strategy (self-archiving) for maximum return on investment for project and funder, and actively linked to underlying data objects, in support of the EC Open Data Pilot.

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