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Breaking Out of the Expat Bubble

Connecting with a local colleague

Many expatriates have trouble meeting locals, and Denmark is not an exception. At SDU's Faculty of Business and Social Sciences1 we would like to help international colleagues break out of this 'expat bubble' by putting them in touch with a local colleague.

You could go for lunch together or meet up outside of work to have some hygge. That is all up to you!

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 “I had a very nice and attentive host and it was always nice meeting her. I enjoyed having a contact to a person from another department of the university.”

“It is very nice to have this special relation at the workplace. She is very kind and she explained me some cultural habits of Danish people. It is nice to have someone that talk with me about her family and invite me and my partner at her home.”


Meet the project team

This project is run by assistant professor Marian van Bakel (Department of Marketing and Management, research group Management of People).

Marian van Bakel wrote her Ph.D. thesis about the benefits of contact with a local host. She came to Denmark in 2013, and then experienced firsthand how helpful a local host could be, when a local colleague voluntarily took up this role.
Through this project she now hopes to provide this support to many other new international SDU-employees, to better welcome them to Denmark. 



1 This project has received funding from Udlændinge-, Integrations- og Boligministeriet for the implementation of this project within BSS, which means that participation in this project is at the moment limited to international employees of this faculty. If you are outside our faculty, but would still like to get in touch with a local colleague, e-mail us at  - and we’ll see what we can do / who we can convince. 

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The Expat Bubble

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