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Industrious Professor in History appointed as Senior Fellow at DIAS

Jeppe Nevers is the latest addition of excellent researches at DIAS. He has made himself noticed as a dedicated researcher and teacher, and in 2016 by the age of just 37 he achieved the title as Professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

Jeppe Nevers has published a number of books and articles about subjects in modern Danish and European history. A particular focus has been democratic history, the political history of ideas and the history of capitalism. At the same time, he has worked with local history, history of seafaring and the theory of history.

His work is motivated by the belief that history can make otherwise separated subjects connected and through this explain to us, why the world is as it is.

Engaged and popular talent
Through his career, Jeppe Nevers has been very engaged in the development of the environment for historians at SDU. This includes the construction of research groups and being co-operator in more than 40 seminars and conferences.

Outside of SDU he has accomplished grand consultant tasks for the Department of Justice and the Danish Parliament. Locally he is President for the University Press of Southern Denmark and member of the Committee of Research at Odense City Museums, of the editorial team for Odensebogen (the book of Odense), and of a local VL-group.

Jeppe Nevers is born in 1978. He is cand.mag. and has a Ph.D. in History from SDU. He has had longer residences at Universität Freiburg, Harvard University and University of Oxford. He is still affiliated to the group for History of Capitalism in Oxfords.

In 2016 he was made Professor (mso) in Modern Danish History at SDU. During his work he has received the gold medal at SDU and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s Elite Research Travel Grant. And with Danish and foreign colleagues he has contributed in collecting a range of grants to collective projects.

About the future, interdisciplinary collaboration at DIAS, Jeppe Nevers says: “Often, when you enter something, you will have a clear vision of what it will bring. I don’t have that here. But I have an idea that in this interdisciplinarity something will come that I didn’t expect, and which will create new opportunities. And that is what makes it so exciting!”

Jeppe Nevers
Jeppe Nevers is Professor (mso) in Modern Danish History and leader of Center for Maritime and Business History at Department for History and Senior Fellow in History at DIAS.

He lives in Odense with his wife and their two children.


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