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The SDU Centre for Business History is a research center established by the University of Southern Denmark and the Danish Museum of Industry.


Researchers in the SDU Centre for Business History specialize in Danish business history since the 19th century. Theoretically, our research is guided by an interest in the history of capitalism, and in understanding how capitalism developed in Northern Europe and became an integral part of the Danish model.



Julie Andersen-Mølgaard, post.doc., ph.d., University of Southern Denmark
Per Boje, professor emeritus, dr.phil., University of Southern Denmark
Kristoffer Jensen, curator, senior researcher, ph.d., Danish Museum of Industry 
Julian Lamberty, curator, researcher, ph.d., Danish Museum of Industry
Jeppe Nevers, professor, ph.d., University of Southern Denmark (director)
David H. Olsen, curator, MA, Danish Museum of Industry 


Affiliated researchers:

Søren Byskov, Museum of Southwest Jutland
René Schrøder Christensen, The Danish Railway Museum
Sissel Bjerrum Fossat, Odense City Museums
Mette Guldberg, Ribe Historical Archives
Nils Valdersdorf  Jensen, Svendborg Museum
Mikkel Leth Jespersen, Museum Sønderjylland
Morten Pedersen, Museum Sønderjylland
Kasper Rathjen, Fisheries and Maritime Museum
Louise Skyggebjerg, Copenhagen Business School
Jens Toftgaard, Odense City Museums
Margit Bech Vilstrup, The Workers Museum


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