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 Publikationer fra 2017: 

Achieving a common understanding of a person with aphasia’s self-assessments of progress in speech and communication

Andersen, E. M. & Isaksen, J. 2017 I : Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders.8, 1

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SLT styles and indications of parent adherence in the clinical encounter regarding home training activities for children with speech/language disorders

Hansen, D. & Brouwer, C. E.2017 I : The Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders. 8, 1, s. 72-95

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Natural Kinesthetic Interaction and Social Relations Between Training-Robots and Their Users

Sørensen, A. S.Nielsen, J.Maagaard, J.Nielsen, J. L.Rasmussen, G.Day, D. 2017

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Asset-based approaches for stroke survivors with aphasia and their families: promoting and sustaining well-being in the long-term

Horton, S., Pearl, G., Soskolne, V., Olenik, D., Haaland-Johansen, L., Isaksen, J., Jagoe, C. & Shiggins, C. 2017

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Outcome evaluation in aphasia therapy: What do speech-language therapists really do?

Isaksen, J. 2017

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Towards asset-based approaches to promoting and sustaining well-being for people with aphasia and their families

Shiggins, C., Soskolne, V., Olenik, D., Pearl, G., Haaland-Johansen, L., Isaksen, J., Jagoe, C., McMenamin, R. & Horton, S. 2017

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Which outcomes are most important to people with aphasia and their families?: An international nominal group technique study framed within the ICF

Wallace, S. J., Worrall, L., Rose, T., Le Dorze, G., Cruice, M., Isaksen, J., Pak Hin Kong, A., Simmons-Mackie, N., Scarinci, N. & Alary Gauvreau, C. 2017 I : Disability and Rehabilitation.s. 1-16 16 s.

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Doing formulating: “Writing Aloud Voice” sequences as an interactional method

Kristiansen, E. D. 25 apr. 2017 I : Journal of Pragmatics.114, s. 49-65

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Learning and dementia: Re-mastering conversational initiative

Kristiansen, E. D. 18 jul. 2017

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Practices for making residents’ wishes fit institutional constraints

Kristiansen, E. D. & Rasmussen, G. nov. 2017

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Repeating a searched-for word with an agreement token in "challenged interaction"

Kristiansen, E. D.Marstrand, A. K. & El Derbas, J.2017 I : Research on Language and Social Interaction.

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Teaching communication aid use in everyday conversation

Pilesjö, M. S. & Norén, N. 2017 I : Child Language Teaching and Therapy.s. 1-13

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The use of pictures for interactional purposes and the grammar of social interaction

Rasmussen, G. 2017 I : The Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders.8, 1, s. 121-145

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