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Symposium 2011 November 7th - 8th in Conference Hall O 100

Monastic Culture in North Western Europe in the Long 13th Century, c. 1150-1350


The period 1150-1350 was a golden age for the monasteries and the dissemination of their ideas throughout Northern Europe. Here, the tendency to create regional networks, inside which particular traditions enjoyed support and protection, led to the parallel existence of distinct monastic customs and practices, often distributed along the main roads of cultural exchange.

      Hitherto monasteries have primarily been examined from two directions -- that is within an institutional or a national framework. From a Danish perspective the massive growth of monasteries in the 12th century has been attributed to French influences, while the spread of Dominican and Franciscan friaries has been viewed as a Spanish/Italian phenomenon. In both cases the German geographical area has been viewed as a kind of mediating zone without autonomous significance for the spread of the monastic orders in Scandinavia.

     A transnational and cultural approach provides the impetus for this conference, which seeks to inspire a new line of enquiry. Special attention will be given to the existence of networks, both local and between regions. The conference is offered as a tribute to Professor Brian Patrick McGuire, who will retire in 2011.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge.



MONDAY NOVEMBER 7TH : The Cultivation of Interregional Networks

9.30-10.00     Registration  

10.00-10.15   Welcome by pro vice chancellor Bjarne G. Sørensen and professor Tore Nyberg.

10.15-11.15   Keynote lecture by Gert Melville (University of Dresden):

                      Monastic Culture in the Long Thirteenth Century.  

11.15-11.30     Coffee

11.30-12.50    Session 1: The Cultivation of Intellectual Networks

                       MODERATOR: Lars Boje Mortensen  

Thomas Riis (University of Kiel):

The Monasteries of the Duchies of Schleswig-Holstein as Intellectual Centres. 

Johannes Schütz (University of Göttingen)

Dominican Preachers Educating Scandinavian Society. The dissemination of knowledge in the long 13th century  



12.50-14.00    Lunch DKR 125,-

14.00-15.20    Session 2: The Cultivation of Political Networks

                        MODERATOR: Tore Nyberg

Christian Gahlbeck (Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz Berlin):

Die Genese der Klosterlandschaft beiderseits der Nordgrenze Brandenburgs in der Zeit zwischen 1150-1350

Bernd Ulrich Hucker (University of Vechta):

Die Loccumer Zisterzienser und Bischof Waldemar von Dänemark – dänisch-deutsche Geschichte im ersten Viertel des 13. Jahrhunderts

15.20-15.45    Coffee

15.45-17.15    Session 3: The Cultivation of Monastic Networks

                       MODERATOR: Sigga Engsbro

Eric Delaissé (Catholic University of Louvain):

The Cistercian Network: Contacts between Danish Monasteries and the Abbey of Ter Doest in Belgium

Sabine Schulze (Bad Doberan):

Die Gründung des Zisterzienserklosters Doberan

18.00             Conference dinner at the university in meeting room No 6 DKR  250,-



TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8TH: The Cultivation of Local Networks

9.30-10.50    Session 4: Patronage

                      MODERATOR: Kurt Villads Jensen

Christian Lovén (Senior lecturer):

Lordship over Monasteries in 12th Century Scandinavia.

Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig Jakobsen (University of Copenhagen):

Who Ordered the Dominicans? : Dominican convent foundations in Northern Europe and their initiators




10.50-11.15 Coffee

11.15-13.15     Session 5: Convents

                        MODERATOR: Lars Bisgaard  

Elisabet Regner (Statens Historiska Museum, Stockholm):

Networks, Contacts and Change in Alvastra Abbey 1185-1350

Catharina Andersson (Umeå University):

Monastic Recruiting in Sweden, 1200-1400

Eldbjørg Haug (University of Bergen):

Austin Canons and Benedictine Friars in the Medieval Stavanger Diocese

13.15-14.25   Lunch   DKR 125,- 

14.25-16.25   Session 6: Monastic Culture

                       MODERATOR: Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig Jakobsen

Mia Münster-Swendsen (University of Copenhagen):

An Intricate Web of Friends: Unravelling the Networks of the Two Lawrences of Durham.

Sigga Engsbro (University of Southern Denmark):

Reflections on the monastic elements in the 13th century Vita Gunneri

Kurt Villads Jensen (University of Southern Denmark):

14th Century Danish Cistercian Sermons  

16.25-16.45    Closing Remarks

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