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Symposium 2004

Living with the Black Death

Peter Christensen, University of Copenhagen, The Black Death:Appearance and disappearance

Samuel K. Cohn, Jr., GlasgowUniversity, The Black Death and PopularRevolt in Western Europe Manfred Vasold, Rohrdorf, The Diffusion of the Black Death in Germany immediately after 1348

Michael Gelting Danish National Archives, Copenhagen, PeasantProsopography and the Second Wave of the Black Death: Maurienne, Savoy

Robert Braid University of Paris, Crisis Economics after the Black Death: The 14th Century Labour Market

Ole Georg Moseng, University of Oslo, Climate, Ecology and Plague:the Spread of the Black Death in Cold Regions

Ebbe Nyborg, National Museum of Denmark, The Black Death as reflected in Scandinavian Architecture and Art

Heinrich Dormeier, Kiel Universität,Saints as Protectors of Plague: Problems of Definition and Social Implications

Lars Bisgaard, University of Southern Denmark, The Black Death and the Rise of Confraternities


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