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Centre Aims and Strategy

CCCS has the following primary aims:

  • To promote research within socially and culturally based approaches to language and communication in contexts of diversity and change
  • To become a key player in research on language and new media in Denmark and wider afield
  • To establish and develop research in the area of business and cultural negotiation
  • To strengthen links between teaching and research across the degree programmes offered by the Department of Language and Communication and the Department of Design and Communication
  • To promote links between research and relevant actors

The strategies that will be adopted to achieve these aims include

  • Pursuit of external funding (national and EU) in relation to research projects, doctoral and postdoctoral positions
    • A project on language and aggression/discourses of hate is under development
  • Exploration of existing resources, e.g. bilateral exchange agreements, to finance research and teaching visits and exchanges
  • Identification of potential areas of cooperation with
    • other research centres at the Department of Language and Communication and the Department of Design and Communication as well as other departments and faculties at SDU
    • colleagues from national and international institutions and networks
    • external stakeholders (e.g. private and public organisations)
  • Organisation of symposia, conferences on research areas of relevance
    • A symposium on new media and language use in Scandinavia has already been organized in April 2014
    • A series of talks on forensic linguistics was organized in November 2014
    • A seminar: "Hate Speech - Linguistic and Social Perspectives" was held in March 2017
  • Consistent publication of research in acknowledged publication outlets (e.g. authorised journals)
  • Stimulation of interest for research among undergraduate and MA students by
    • providing them with a space for discussion and feedback from peers and research staff
    • involving them in actual research projects through developing activities that can give them ECTS credits
    • spotting talent and supporting student participation in national and international conferences

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