Event Management

New activities are offered in autumn 2019

When: 1/10 + 2/10 + 29/10 + 19/11 + 20/11 
Where: SDU in Odense (29/10) and Kolding (1/10 + 2/10 + 19/11 + 20/11)
Registration for the programme opens early 2019
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This flexible and research based programme provides a strategic perspective on Event Management. It addresses all the challenges of Event Management and offers an overview of the various management areas.

The programme consists of five individual theme days, each covering essential topics within the Event Management field:


Each theme day combines the latest insights from research with practitioner's experiences and perspectives. Furthermore, highly relevant case work and hands-on exercises will build the bridge between the academic background and professional application. Wherever possible, your daily challenges and own business will be included. 

oost your career as an event manager

Event Management is not just a buzzword. It is more than ever a professional discipline. The event industry, which includes a broad range of festivals, sport events, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, incentives, corporate and other events, is rapidly growing and developing and has become increasingly complex. Thus, Event Management is a field that requires knowledge and skills from various disciplines, including economics, marketing and organisation. 

Event managers are required to identify and service a wide range of stakeholders, balance their needs and objectives and collaborate with them to create a memorable event experience.  In general, this programme will provide you the specific skills for analysing the event environment and understanding the role of various event stakeholders. 


Dedicated teachers

We have gathered a great team of dedicated and reconised, academic experts, who are all well-educated teachers and experienced in the different areas of Event Management.
Meet the teachers


Tailor your programme

The programme can either be taken as a full five day-package, or you can select one or more individual theme days. With this flexibility you can tailor your programme after your own specific interests. 

Participant profile

The programme is custom-made for you as a professional event manager, event coordinator or consultant in the public or private sector. But you can also follow the programme, if you wish to get prepared for a career in event management and get familiar with the particular challenges of this industry.

No matter whether you work with event management in a small or large organisation, municipality or company, this programme will be relevant for you. 

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A unique network within the event industry

By participating in this programme, you will not only get hands-on skills, resources and fundamental knowledge on a high level, you will also get access to a unique and valuable network of professionals in the sports and event industry that you can relate to and share your challenges with.


This programme will be taught in English, but questions and group discussions can take place in Danish.

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