Deltag i SDU's fyrtårnsprojekt Open Data Experimentarium - HBODEx

The University Library of Southern Denmark are collaborating with a number of research centers as part of the HBODEx-project.

We are looking for students who feel like helping out an try to create a better library and a better workspace for students.

Together with the Active Living Center at SDU, we are therefore aiming at recruiting a minimum of 100 students, who want to carry a wearable sensor for a week (late October). And wear it also when you are not at SDU or in the library.

If you want to participate, please sign up below!

If you want to learn more, you can attend a Infomeeting: October 6th (click to sign up) at 10.15 in the library at Campusvej (click for directions) 

We serve free coffee, tea and sweets. 

The data from the experiment will – along with data from a host of other sources – be analyzed and included in the final research report.
You will remain anonymous and the data will be used strictly for research purposes.

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