Motivated applications

Motivated applications must be written in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. For the English offered programmes, the application can also be written in English.

Your motivated application must provide an impression of you as a person, of your maturity and suitability in relation to the programme you are applying for.

Suggestions for questions you can ask yourself when you write a motivated application:

Why did you choose this programme in particular?
What is your incentive – your motivation – and what reasons would you give to encourage us to choose you.

Which deeper motives do you have for choosing this programme in particular? Remember – there are no incorrect answers.

Which relevant qualifications and what experience will you bring with you and how have they influenced your choice?

What thoughts have you had about the programme itself?

  • What have you taken into consideration with regard to the structure and contents of the programme, etc?
  • What information have you looked for – and how?
  • Which personal characteristics do you feel are important for the ability to complete a programme?

Which programme are you applying for?
The requirements for a motivated application may differ considerably from one institution of further education to the next. Therefore, your application should always be appropriate for the programme and the department you are applying for. If you are applying for more than one programme under quota 2, it is important to find out which programmes require you to forward a motivated application.

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