Career opportunities

MA in Communication Design qualifies you for performing a variety of different advanced communication tasks in your foreign language (English, German, or Danish).

Graduates of the MA in International Business Communication and Communication Design are qualified to carry out a broad range of communication tasks in companies and organisations. Graduates have in-depth analytical and practical knowledge of document and interaction design principles and processed enabling them to analyse and produce texts that form part of internal and external organisational communication and to contribute to optimising user-oriented design and communicative interaction between people and technology. Their expertise in communication and their specialisation in a foreign language (Danish, German, English) allows graduates further to prepare and manage international contacts and to function as linguistic and cultural advisers and communicators, and to establish and maintain relations to national and international media.

More specifically, you will obtain skills in

  • Authoring texts, including translations, which

- are efficient from the point of view of their communicative purpose
- utilize the potentials of the medium applied
- are in accordance with the cultural conventions of their particulars context
- meet the needs of the target group defined

  • Designing correct and efficient documents on the basis of

- analysis of the relations between text and image
- psycholinguistic knowledge about spatial and linguistic markers relevant to document design
- a deliberate choice of design elements reflecting the linguistic and rhetorical structures of documents

  • Participating in cross-disciplinary projects, to which you may contribute expertise in the areas of (foreign) language, culture, and communication and technology. Examples could be user-centered design projects in which you would cooperate, throughout the design of a technical product, with the product development, marketing, information, and customer services departments of the enterprise.
  • Planning and carrying out user surveys with the aim of measuring the efficiency of linguistic communication as well as of product development, in order to ensure that an analysis of human interaction with the product becomes an integral part of the design process. This means that as an MA in communication design, you may function as a mediator between the linguistic and technical worlds, which traditionally belong to separate cultures.
  • Contributing to localizing the business activities – from product sales to transfer of technology – of global business enterprises in the individual countries in which they operate. Localization means adapting products and services to local linguistic and cultural standards, as well adjusting the documents involved in the interaction between the global enterprise and the customer to local standards.

Other typical tasks:

  • Taking care of the communication tasks of the enterprise or organization in your foreign language (English, German, or Danish)
  • Preparing and handling international contacts, functioning as a linguistic and cultural adviser and mediator
  • Advising your colleagues in matters of intercultural communication

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