Valuable experiences and productive cooperation 

Many student jobs have been offered, and many useful experienceshave been made since the launch of the project in 2015. Local businesses are benefitting from cooperation with SDU’s engineering students; and the students, on their part, are eager to apply their theoretical learning into practice.

SDU Business is paying regular visits to the participating companies to follow their cooperation with the students.

Among the mechatronics students, who captured a student job already from his first semester, is Kris Kjærsgaard Nielsen. Kris works a few hours per week at Danfoss Power Solutions learning to program tests.

With relatively few working hours per week, the framework and scope of the assignments are adapted to a student, and Kris is not expected to accomplish a great deal when he is only meeting up for work one day per week. “The idea is pretty much to give Kris an understanding of what it takes to work with programming in a company, how to start a specific assignment, and how to test and document it,” says Manager Kasper Holm-Petersen.

“It is not always easy to find someone in the local area with special interest in producing software. This is why it is important for us to establish a working relationship with the students as early as possible so they may want to come back and work for us at a later stage,” he says.

“The student job gives me an opportunity to experience how it is to work as an engineer and be part of a team,” says Kris.

Kris Kjærsgaard Nielsen: SDU student assistant at Danfoss Power Solutions


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