Department of Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine is normally defined as "nature and medical science serving the judicial system". Forensic medicine must be absolutely independent of authorities, public institutions and private persons.

The Department of Forensic Medicine is housed by the university of this particular reason, as no other employment form would be able to guarantee independence. Furthermore, there is a need for research within the area, development of new methods, collecting and communicating knowledge to the society.

Forensic medicine is dealing with documentation of facts, and therefor we do not treat patients. Treating patients might influence the independant estimation of a situation. 

Head of Department:

Professor, Chief Forensic Pathologist Peter Mygind Leth, DMSc
Tel. +45 6550 3003       

Department Secretary:

Susanne Jørgensen
Tel. + 45 6550 3000       

Research areas within Forensic Medicine:

Forensic pathology
Forensic toxicology
Forensic anthropology
Alcohol and drug abuse

6th ISFRI Congress 2017

The Department hosted this event on 10-13 May 2017



New CT-scanner at the department


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