Research projects

HEDG research projects funded by the Danish Research Council:

  • Education and health in the process of economic development: a theoretical inquiry (Lars Lønstrup), 2011.

  • The Heavy Plough and the European Agricultural Revolution of the Middle Ages (Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Peter Sandholt Jensen), 2012.

  • Constructing Historical Danish National Accounts for the Period 1750-1895 (Paul Sharp, Peter Sandholt Jensen, Ingrid Henriksen, 2012.

  • New Lessons from Historical Labor Markets: Using a unique Danish data source to answer key questions in economics (Peter Sandholt Jensen, Paul Sharp, Battista Severgnini).

  • The Economic History of Christian Africa (Jacob Weisdorf), 2014.

  • Diversity and Development: Evidence from Immigration Quotas (Casper Worm Hansen, Copenhagen University, Philipp Ager).

For more information contact the researchers mentioned in parentheses.

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