PhD students

Cristina Victoria Radu
PhD project title: New Lessons from Historical Labor Markets: Using a unique Danish data source to answer key questions in economics

Emil Nørmark Sørensen
PhD project title:  

Frederikke Frehr Kristensen
PhD project title: Essays in Demography, Health and Economic Development

Isabelle Mairey
PhD project title: På forkant med sundhed

Kirstine Boye Petersen
PhD project title: Detecting Capital Structure Determinants

Lise Desiree Andreasen
PhD project title: Preferences for universal health care coverage: the mechanism of altruistic preferences in a welfare state

Mark Raun Moritzen
PhD project title: The interaction between Liquidity, Capital Structure and Competition

Mathias Benediktson
PhD project title: A Register-Based Analysis of the Economics of Charitable Giving

Nikolaj Siersbæk
PhD project title: Economic shocks, health inequalities and welfare comparisons

Mikkel Hasse Pedersen
PhD project title: Breast Cancer Treatment and Socioeconomic Outcomes of Treated Women and their Families

Peter Egedesø Madsen
PhD project title: Essays in Health and Economic Development

Shuangrui Fan
PhD project title:  Ownership, Corporate Governance, and Mergers and Acquisitions - Three Essays on Publicly Listed Companies in China

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