NORDTEK Entrepreneurship Summer School

Where; University of Southern Denmark, Odense
When; June 6 to June 10 2016
Host: Doctoral School, SDU
ECTS Credits; 2 (estimated)
Cost; 1500 DKK ex. VAT

“Acquiring the skills of successful innovators and entrepreneurs; Identifying new business opportunities, markets and applications; Articulating competitive value propositions and viable business models; Starting a new technology-based company; Dealing with IPR challenges; Competing by keeping the production capabilities in your country!”

Engineering is playing an important role in building and developing the modern Nordic society. The creation and implementation of new knowledge, the commercialization of breakthrough innovative products and services as well as the development of advanced production capabilities in our society are often being lead and enabled by the engineering profession. That is why innovative and entrepreneurial engineering resources and capabilities will continue to be sought by academia, industry and society.

In recognition of this and looking ahead at opportunities and challenges facing Nordic competitiveness, this NORDTEK summer school will enable its PhD student audience to critically reflect on existing research, dialogize with industry experts and start acquiring the entrepreneurial skills and mindset within the context of one of the challenges of our economies – keeping the key production capabilities in the Nordic society.

Without technology, engineering, management and technology entrepreneurship modern innovation is unthinkable, but how do we secure that innovations are brought from the labs to their ultimate adoption by industry and society, and how do we secure a culture of entrepreneurial thinking in the NORDTEK universities in a way that it enables wealth creation and prosperity for our nations?

This NORDTEK entrepreneurship summer school invites PhD students from all NORDTEK member universities, to work in Odense for a week on developing new ideas and suggest new solutions that would strengthen the link between technology entrepreneurship and the challenges of keeping production capabilities in high wage economies. The summer school will take its offset in a exploring a generative entrepreneurial approach to designing and developing new production technologies and manufacturing capabilities by putting together teams of PhD students to work on conceptualizing, validating and developing business opportunities based on research within the key topic of the summer school.

The summer school will be run by an expert team of academics, practitioners and industry experts in the field of technology entrepreneurship and innovation, production technologies and manufacturing. By the end of the week, the teams will present their key insights to the key participants in the NORDTEK 2016 conference – Deans, Rectors and Invited guests.

The NORDTEK Entrepreneurship Summer School is open for all doctoral students at NORDTEK, BALTECH and CESAER member universities. Participants will most likely do research within topics related to production and manufacturing from a science, engineering or business perspective, and will have a desire to explore entrepreneurial opportunities or become more entrepreneurial in their work and career.

Based at SDU Cortex Lab, the summer school will be the perfect opportunity to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and international network by focusing on issues of high relevance for our society.

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