The Faculty of Engineering's new facilities

The three departments now housed in the new building are updating their research facilities so that in the future they can still deliver technical solutions for the challenges faced by society. At the same time, the new facilities are leading the way in many areas in Denmark so SDU can continue to drive development forwards.

The Department of Technology and Innovation gains a so-called strong floor, which is a specially adapted ultra-strong concrete floor where concrete can be tested very precisely for strength and weight-bearing capacity under different loads.

In the field of nano optics, the Department gains new framework for carrying out their experiments which demand great precision. For instance, in the new buildings, experiments can be conducted on concrete blocks that are resistant to vibration, just as light and temperature conditions are adjusted so that the advanced research lasers can operate with complete stability.

The Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology is upgrading with a still that is 3 storeys high. The still can be used for teaching and research in chemistry. It will be one of the largest in Denmark.

The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute is teeming with robots and drones. In the new building it gains a new, high tech laboratory where it will be easier to produce and test technologies in a number of fields in direct relation to real life. In this way the opportunity for collaboration with companies will be increased in rooms where research projects can be kept secret in regard to patent applications.

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