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For students in Odense

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Internship coordinators
Questions regarding internship please contact your internship coordinator: 

Institute of Technology and Innovation
Civil engineering - Odense: Hugo Søndergaard, phone +45 6550 7367
Electrical power engineering - Odense: Jørgen Jeppe Madsen, phone +45 6550 7408
Global Management and Manufacturing - Odense: Egon Laursen, phone +45 6550 7467
Integrated Design- Odense: Anders Jensen, phone +45 6550 7416
Mechanical engineering - Odense: Niels Dyring, phone +45 6550 7496
Management Engineering and Manufacturing: Egon Laursen, phone +45 6550 7467
Internship in Denmark for BEng students - Odense: Egon Laursen, phone +45 6550 7467

Institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology
Chemical Engineering - Odense: Bent Lyager, phone +45 6550 7476

The Maersk Mc- Kinney Moller Institute
Information and Communication Technology - Odense: Jørgen Jeppe Madsen, phone +45 6550 7408

International internship

For internship abroad please contact TEK-Internationalisation: International coordinator Henrik Johnsen Vindt, Phone +45 2778 7458

Administration of international documents and standards - All inquiries to SDU International.

For students in Sønderborg

Please contact  Bente Olsen on telephone +45 6550 1601 or email

For companies

If your company is looking for an engineering intern, or you want general information about the internship, please contact Innovation advisor Lone Søvad Madsen, tel.: +45 6550 9644 or e-mail, or Bente Olsen (Sønderborg): +45 6550 1601 or email 

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