Insurance and responsibility in connection with internships/clinical internships

Recommended guidelines regarding the position of students in terms of responsibility and insurance in internships/clinical internships.

Insurance and responsibility during clinic internships
Insurance and responsibility during internships

Insurance and responsibility during clinical internships (nationally)

Damage to property:

If during a clinical internship, a student accidentally destroys or damages inventory/instruments or the like, the hospital's insurance must cover such damage (not the student's own public liability insurance). This shall not apply if the student has acted in gross negligence or intentionally.

Work-related injuries (applies only if the clinical internship is part of the curriculum or may be merited):

If a student is injured during his/her clinical internship, e.g. by pricking herself/himself on a needle or getting acid in her/his eyes, this must be reported as a work-related injury out of consideration for the student's opportunity of receiving industrial injury compensation and as form of documentation if injury should subsequently be shown as a result of the incident. The report must be made immediately after the incident has occurred. For a form to report a work-related injury, please contact the department's safety officer.

Please note that if you prick yourself on a used needle, a blood test must be conducted as soon as possible in order to obtain documentation that you do not have HIV or hepatitis before the incident. As regards the deadline for taking this blood test, please see the guidelines applicable at the section in question. Further information about procedures in connection with potential exposure to HIV and hepatitis virus.

Malpractice/medical error:

During a student's clinical internship, a doctor may delegate tasks to the student. If the student makes a mistake or a patient complains about the treatment which the student provided, the delegating doctor is responsible vis-à-vis the Patient Complaints Board. The student has to carry out the tasks which the doctor asks her/him to do. It is the doctor who is to reply to the complaint and it is the doctor who may receive a reprimand. However, this shall not apply if the student has acted in gross negligence or intentionally or grossly irresponsibly or if you carry out any deliberate erroneous prescription/surgery/treatment.

Consequently, the student must ensure that he/she carries out the tasks request of him/her and nothing more.

Insurance and responsibility during clinical internships (internationally)

The student shall take out her/his own travel insurance and otherwise contact her/his insurance company regarding accident and liability issues. The local insurance conditions must be checked before departure. Studies are considered work and special insurance must therefore be taken out for study periods abroad. In clinical internships in e.g. the USA, you must check whether you will be covered by the host university's "Malpractice insurance".

Insurance and responsibility during internships

For students in internships in Danish regions and municipalities, we refer to the applicable insurance rules. Contact your place of internship for further information.

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