SFEO IT Technology and Development

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Søren Rask Nielsen Student Worker  
Andreas Eriksen Project Manager 65503357 
Christian Hurup Hansen Data technician traniee 65502206 
Dorthe Majlund Sørensen Project Manager 65502998 
Henrik Trolle Developer  
Jan Pedersen Head of Computer Section 65502233 
John Nymark Jensen Student Worker  
Kevin Gram Developer 65504098 
Lene Baier Wedell IT supporter 65503597 
Mads Lildholdt Project Manager 65502266 
Martin Skovly Student Worker  
Martin Garfield Rode Jørgensen IT technician 65503306 
Martin Kim Søndergaard Jensen Student Worker  
Michael Håhr Larsen Project Manager 65504631 
Nadia Kaas Nielsen Datateknikerelev  
Patrick Svaneberg Vejen Student Worker  
Per Mortensen IT-supporter 65503663 
Poul Basse Project Manager 65504061 
Thomas Navntoft Student Worker  
Troels Gramstrup Student Worker  
Zhiru Sun Educational Consultant 65501533 


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