Energinet offers financial support to external energy research through the ForskEL, ForskNG and ForskVE-programmes. The purpose of the programmes is to promote the development of environmentally friendly power generation technologies so as to facilitate the transfer to a society based on renewables.


Support R&D projects in environmentally friendly technologies for electricity generation. The purpose of the programme is to support the development and integration of environmentally friendly power generation technologies for grid connection, and each year a call for funding is implemented.


Supports projects with the purpose of spreading and implementing small renewable technologies as photovoltage, wave-energy, biogas and other renewable energy (RE) based technologies into the electrical grid. The purpose of the ForskVE-programme is to disseminate minor (RE) technologies like biogasification, photovoltaics and wave power.
As the aim is dissemination, it is thus possible for the programme to support projects nearing market maturity. Facilities established through support from the programme must be connected to the grid and produce electricity.


Support to biogas and bio-SNG R&D activities with relevance for the gas system.
Currently it is not possible to apply ForskNG for funding!

Additional information on these calls can be found at the website here.

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