The Counselling Centre

How can you use us?
We help you to get the most out of your resources and efforts while studying at the University of Southern Denmark. We do this by helping you to

  • get an overview of your course of study and your combination options
  • see new opportunities and make the right choices
  • maintain or strengthen your motivation and cope with your study doubt
  • optimize your study and exam skills and structure your everyday life as a student
  • set priorities and find a good balance in your life
  • coping with the unexpected, for example disease, a failed exam, you are stuck, or the study group does not work
  • have a good master thesis process, i.a. by offering individual sessions with a coach

What is a counselling session in the Counselling Centre?
A counselling session generally lasts 15-45 minutes. We always start with you and what you tell us: your challenges, desires, worries, dreams, resources and goals for the future. Once we have gained an overview of your situation, we look ahead and together we make a concrete and realistic plan of action. Sometimes we provide information, but mostly a counselling session is your offer of competent feedback, reflection, and development.

We take care that you leave us with something tangible: a to-do list or a clarification.
Often, the counsellor offers a follow-up interview, either by email or face-to-face. We believe that it is important to follow up on the plan you make during the session with us - and we would also like to hear how you are doing.

Who are the counsellors at the Counselling Centre?
You may find The Counselling Centre in all Campus cities and you will here meet one of our five full time counsellors and two student counsellors. We all have a university degree in addition to various training within counselling and coaching. We have an overall knowledge of the more than 200 degrees at the university and we are updated on the general laws and regulations that may affect you.

We are dedicated to helping and providing good service. Our main task is to help you become a good student so that you will thrive and grow.

We make a virtue of meeting all students on equal terms. We have a duty of confidentiality and when you request our service we do not record your name or social security number.

Counselling by email
We aim to respond to emails sent to within 48 hours on weekdays. We may ask you a lot of questions when we answer your email. Knowing your situation is a prerequisite for being able to give you good counselling.  

Contact the Counselling Centre
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Student counselling programme at the University of Southern Denmark

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