Admission to a Master's programme

Admission to a Master's degree

How to set up an application

To apply for a Master’s programme at University of Southern Denmark, you have to submit an application via the online application portal DANS.

Before you can create your application, you have to set up a user profile in the application system. When you set up a user, you have to upload a copy of your passport or another ID including picture, name, date of birth and nationality.

 If you live in Denmark, you can also log on with NemID. If you have a login from another Danish educational institution, you can also use this to access the application system.

You can apply for up to three programmes at University of Southern Denmark. You simply have to submit an application for each programme. Once you have submitted more than one application, you will be asked to prioritize the programmes you have applied for - the same goes when you appy for third programme.

 If you set up more than three priorities, you will only receive an answer to the highest three. The rest will be annulled.

Helpful guides

We have collected the following guides, showing you how to log on to the application system, and how to submit your application:

If you face any challenges, you are more than welcome to call +45 6550 1052 – you can also write us through the contact formula SPOC.

Enclosures for your application

When you set up your application, you will be asked to attach a number of enclosures.

As a minimum you always have to upload the following documents to the application system:

  • You graduate diploma, including a transcript of records.
  • If you have not yet passed your degree: Your newest official transcript of passed as well as registered courses. If you use the data exchange function in the application portal, please be aware that only passed courses are included in the generated file. Therefore, if you are registered for courses with specific relevance to the entry requirements, you have to upload a separate transcript of your course registration.
  • Proof of any supplementary courses you might have passed.
  • Proof that you fulfill the language requirements of the programme.

For a number of programmes it is also required that you upload further enclosures such as a motivational letter, a resume or extensive course descriptions. When you set up your application for a specific programme, it will be evident what enclosures you have to submit - but you can also check out the subpages regarding entry requirements for each master’s programme.

Data Exchange

If you studied your bachelor’s at University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, Roskilde University, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen or IT University of Copenhagen, you can collect your results via the data exchange function in the application system. Please note that courses which you have yet to pass will not appear on the generated transcript. The same applies to courses which are not a part of your bachelor’s programme, e.g. supplementary courses. You have to upload separate documentation regarding these courses – even if you are a student at University of Southern Denmark.

Translated enclosures

We receive enclosures in the languages Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English. If you hold a relevant document in another language, you have to upload the original document along with an official translation or a translation which is signed and stamped by your home university.

Lacking enclosures

If we find that onhe or more enclosures are lacking in your application, we will contact you as soon as possible via the application system. You will then have seven business days to upload the lacking enclosures.

September intake

If you wish to apply for admission in September, the application deadline is April 1 for applicants with a citizenship in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. For non EU/EEA citizens the application deadline is February 1. The earlier deadline is set, because you need time to apply for a student visa after admission.

You will have an answer to your application no later than June 15, and must answer to the offered study place no later than June 29

Notification on new application deadline from 2018:
The application deadline will be coordinated on a national level. From 2018 the deadline will be March 1 for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and all citizens with residence permit in Denmark. You will have an answer to your application no later than June 10, and you must answer to the offered study place no later than June 15.

February intake

If you wish to apply for February start, the application deadline is October 15 for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens; August 1 for non EU/EEA citizens.

Your application will be answered no later than December 10,  and must answer to the offered study place no later than December 15

Please note that not all programmes start in both September and February

Application fee

If you are a citizen from outside EU/EEA or Switzerland, you are required to pay an application fee of 100 EUR, when applying for a Master’s programme

Once you submit your application, we will contact you via the applications system as soon as possible with relevant information about the payment.

Please note that you are excempted from paying if you:

  • hold a permanent residence permit
  • hold a temporary residence permit "with a view to/possibility of" being granted permanent residence in Denmark. Your permit must state: "mhp. varigt ophold" or "mmf. varigt ophold".
  • hold a residence permit pursuant to section 9m of the Danish Aliens Act as child of a parent who hold a residence permit pursuant to section 9a of the same act.
  • hold a valid residence permit in one of the other Nordic countries (i.e. Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland) that grants you access to higher education in the country concerned
  • hold a residence permit as a result of family reunification
  • hold a Danish bachelor’s or professional bachelor’s degree.
Already have a Master's degree?

If you already have a master’s degree from Denmark, admission to another master’s might not be possible for you. The national parliament of Denmark has passed a new law limiting the access to more than one education on the same level.

As a result, applicants who already have completed a state financed full time degree, e.g. a bachelor’s, a professional bachelor’s or a master’s degree, can no longer be admitted to another degree on the same level. So with a finished master’s degree, you are generally excluded from taking another AP, bachelor’s, or master’s degree.


There are a number of cases that qualify for an exemption. Du can apply for an exemption if you:

  1. can prove that a health condition makes it impossible for you to use your degree in the job market
  2. have an obsoleted degree. A degree is understood to be obsoleted if the degree has not been in use in the labour market during at least 5 years, or if the degree has been significantly changed or discontinued.

Furthermore you are automatically exempted if the applied degree is identified as fulfilling a particularly high demand in the labour market. At University of Southern Denmark this applies to the following programmes in 2017 and 2018:

  • BEng in Electrical Energy Technology
  • Computer Science (bachelor)
  • Computer Science (master)
  • Mathematics (bachelor)
  • Mathematics (master)
  • Mathematics-Economics (bachelor)
  • Mathematics-Economics (master)
  • Accounting (cand.merc.aud.)

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