Withdrawing from a programme can be a difficult decision to make and we hope that you will have considered such a decision very carefully. If you are still in doubt as to whether it is the right decision for you, or if you do not feel that you have a clear idea of the consequences of doing so, you are very welcome to contact the Guidance Centre to discuss your decision.

Withdrawal procedure

If you want to withdraw from the University of Southern Denmark, you must inform the university via SPOC.

We hope that you will state the reason(s) why you are withdrawing from the university. We will treat your information confidentially and only use it to discover the reasons why students drop out so that we can develop and improve our programmes and services.

Important rules regarding withdrawal!

You should read the rules below before withdrawing from the university:

Withdrawal and the first-year examination

The rules and deadlines concerning the first year exams come into force from the moment you are enrolled in the degree programme. This means, if you discontinue your enrollment before having passed these exams, you are prohibited from applying for admission to the same programme at a later time. You can only receive an exemption from these rules, if your qualifications to be able to complete the degree program have improved or the content of the programme is substantially different from when you were last admitted.

If you discontinue your program early in the fall and get a confirmation stating that you have indeed discontinued early, you may be able to be admitted to the programme again.

Re-enrolment in the same programme

If you decide to interrupt your programme, you should note that you must do so before 1 April if you plan to apply for re-enrolment in the same programme later in the same year commencing on 1 September (cf. Section 34, subsection 5 of the ministerial order). This is due to the fact that at least five months must elapse before re-enrolment in the same programme can take place. If you have withdrawn from a programme it is important to note that you cannot register for an examination under the programme during a term in which you have or had been withdrawn from it (Section 36).
The university can grant exemption from this provision in special circumstances.

Enrolment in another programme

You can of course apply for enrolment in another programme. You just have to apply on time and make sure that you fulfil the entry requirements.

SU stops automatically when you withdraw from a programme

If you receive SU, we ensure that it is stopped automatically. SU stops at the end of the month you withdraw. If you withdraw on the first of a month, you are no longer entitled to receive SU for that month. If you do receive SU after you have withdrawn, for example if you withdraw at the end of a month, the SU you receive must be repaid and you will receive a demand for this from the Financial Management. Ask an SU staff member if you are in doubt.


Rules and guidelines for withdrawing from a programme and leaving the University of Southern Denmark are established in pursuance of the ministerial order on admission, etc., to Bachelor and graduate programmes at universities(no. 52 of 28 January 2009, Ministry of Science, Technology and Development) and the Ministry of Education executive order on admission (no. 106 of 9 February 2009)

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