Good advice for the exams

Five good tips on preparing for the exams
For both oral and written exams, from Studiemetroen (the Study Metro, this page is in Danish only).

  1. Pay careful attention to what is to be done. Read the curriculum, and ask your lecturer and other students who have sat the same exam. Even if this sounds obvious, lecturers see students every year who are not familiar with what is to be done.
  2. Don’t leave it at merely learning the subject. Practise the form in which you will be tested. If you have to sit an oral exam, train in various presentations. If you have to sit a written exam, practice writing under exam-like conditions.
  3. Prepare yourself for the exam in a study group. You will also learn more by formulating yourself in front of others rather than merely reading. If you have to sit an oral exam, you will also be training for the exam.
  4. Try to structure your materials and your time during the exam. Spend a little time on planning your procedure. This will counteract stress and give you a feeling of having an overview.
  5. When the exam is over, take time to evaluate both the process and the result. What can you learn from it for next time?

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