Difficulties in starting

Nervous about getting started?
You face the biggest challenge of your time as a student. So it is perfectly natural that you are slightly apprehensive. But do not allow your apprehension to prevent you from starting your thesis.
If you have difficulty finding out why you fear your thesis so much, then perhaps a chat with a counsellor at the Counselling Centre will help.

Postponement is a standard move for thesis students. But frequently a postponement is also a serious problem. It is a characteristic of “postponers” that they confer a huge amount of significance to their thesis: When I am finished, I will move in with my partner, have a good job and be done with being a student.

Look the problem squarely in the eye
Perhaps the problem is not as daunting once you face it. Often it is just a question of getting started rather than trying to sit there and think brilliant thoughts. The latter seldom works. Postponing your thesis will not do any good.

Get to grips with the problem
Write your research question, even if you feel that you are not quite ready. Make an overall outline. Remember you will very likely revise your research question and your outline along the way. Do not think that you have to know everything before you can start.

Read more about problematic factors that affect your thesis.
Student counselling has written about the host of pitfalls involved in the thesis process. The University Library of Southern Denmark has complied useful material and links from external resources that can help you complete your thesis.

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