Thesis rules

A thesis must be completed by the deadline that marks the end of the allocated time.
The majority of theses comprise a standard of 30 ECTS. Some students writing natural science theses are allocated a period of 60 ECTS. Similarly, there are some other courses where the allocated time is not set to 30 ECTS. The length of time you have to complete your thesis is stated in your curriculum or thesis contract.

Thesis contract
When you have found a thesis supervisor (read more about choosing a supervisor), you must sign a contract. When you have signed the contract, you must in consultation with your thesis supervisor:

  1. Deliver a research question
  2. Set a fixed deadline
  3. Make a supervision plan for your thesis

All of the above must be approved by the head of studies.

Missed deadlines
If you fail to hand in your completed thesis within the deadline, this will count as one examination attempt. Subsequently, a revised research question is devised, one that is in the same field, and you are given a new deadline of three months. If you fail to hand in your new thesis within the deadline, you can be given a third attempt at the examination following the same rules that governed your second attempt.

Illness, maternity leave or other special circumstances
You are entitled to a deadline extension if you are unwell or your personal life has been affected by serious circumstances, which can be shown to adversely affect your ability to honour the thesis contract, or if you become a parent during the contract period and wish to take maternity leave. If this is the case then contact your Academic Study Board to apply for an extension of your thesis deadline. Remember to provide documentation for your circumstances. You cannot take a leave of absence during your thesis contract period, unless there are special circumstances.

Making a complaint about evaluation
If you wish to make a complaint about the evaluation of your thesis, you must follow the appropriate guidelines for lodging an examination complaint (link to examination pages).

Known practices on your course
These rules apply to all graduate programme students at the University of Southern Denmark. But there are major differences between individual courses as regards more specific and practical factors. You should read the material about theses in "your course" on the page containing information for students. Additionally, you should get information from your secretariat or from your academic supervisor.

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