Coaching for thesis students

Thesis coaching

  • Is washing clothes more fun than formulating your research question?
  • Is Premier League football more important than your thesis outline?
  • Hours of looking at an empty screen every time you have to write your conclusion?
  • Take all day to shop in the supermarket – even when all you need is a carton of milk?

Some thesis students fall into all of the classic pitfalls and their thesis grinds to a complete halt. Other students just need help to solve temporary problems with their work process: Coaching can help you solve your problem.

What is coaching?
Coaching is a learning and clarifying process, which is about taking on responsibility and ownership for your own targets and wishes. Coaching can help you rediscover your motivation and maintain your focus. Through professional coaching and targeted questions you can clarify your choices, find your own solutions and get a better overview of the abilities and skills you already possess or need to develop.

Thesis coaching on the radio
The radio programme ”Coaching on P1” has made a broadcast about thesis coaching at the University of Southern Denmark. You can hear two coaches and a student talk about their experiences. The broadcast can be downloaded from the programme’s website. Select broadcast “Coaching for thesis students” from 14 April 2008 (Only available in Danish).

Who are we?
The University of Southern Denmark’s coaching team consists of a group of professional coaches. We can offer you the opportunity to work with the non-course issues and challenges that you may meet during the process of writing your thesis.

Coaching: How?
A coaching process consists of a series of individual interviews. The interviews usually take place over a period of two to six months, and last for about 60 to 90 minutes. Coaching topics may include:

  • Choice – the thesis subject you choose
  • Structure – making the thesis schedule work
  • Writer’s block – how to get started again if you are suffering from writer’s block
  • Motivation – focus and determination
  • Development – optimisation of your resources and strengthening of your study strategies
  • And a whole lot more – it is up to you

Contact a coach
Naturally, a coaching course is completely free and confidential. Contact the University of Southern Denmark coaching team at the Counselling Centre.
Tel.: +45 6550 1052

We know you can. Do you?

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