Thesis complete in the set time?

According to the rules you must complete your thesis in the time allocated. A series of prerequisites must be met if you are to succeed in this endeavour. It is crucial that you:

  • Have a good subject that creates (self-)motivation
  • Put six months of solid work into it, i.e. work full time on your thesis
  • Have a subject, theory and method that are not entirely new to you, i.e. your thesis is based on theory you are familiar with
  • Must not have to learn new skills, e.g. languages or methods
  • Quickly formulate a research question that is precise enough to steer your work
  • Are (or quickly become) good at structuring your time
  • Are (or quickly become) good at creating an overview and structure
  • Have a limited amount of material and literature
  • Do not strive for absolute perfection or the highest possible grade
  • Have ensured your efforts, abilities and ambitions are consistent with one another
  • Have a thesis supervisor from the very beginning of your thesis
  • Have found a supervisor who gives focused and forward-looking supervision
  • That illness or other delaying factors do not arise, such as resistance from home. In the event of such problems contact the Counselling Centre

These points have been devised by the Academic Writing Centre and further revised by the Counselling Centre.

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