Thesis process

Input on how to manage the process of writing your thesis

The writing proces: External lecturer and project coordinator for Academic Literacy, Maja Lucas, describes the thesis writing process and explains what you can do to attain a good writing process: “Find an interesting research question, write straight away and be flexible with your writings. Use your thesis supervisor as a partner and not a judge. Take small steps rather than trying to sprint a marathon”.

Good habits: The Counselling Centre can give you advice on beneficial thesis habits. It is a very good idea to acquire good habits when writing your thesis. You will experience a better outcome so you can take breaks with good conscience. Good habits are also a way of avoiding the infamous thesis crisis and the feeling of guilt.

Thesis written on time: How do you write a thesis within the timeframe? There are a series of important conditions you must acquire to be able to succeed.

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Good handbooks about the thesis process and thesis writing.

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