Getting nowhere

Have you taken the wrong turn?
Do you feel that your thesis is getting nowhere? Do you feel physically sick or unwell when you think about your thesis? Or do you feel guilty because you cannot shake off your inertia? There can be a thousand reasons why your thesis takes the wrong turn but do not think for moment that all is lost. Of course you can reach your goal but you may have to change tack.

Find online inspiration
On these thesis pages you can see what a good thesis process looks like. Ask yourself if you can use some of the good advice that is offered. The University Library of Southern Denmark has also complied a great deal of material about thesis management.

At the Student Counselling page you can read about typical pitfalls for thesis students.

Visit vejledning to read about loneliness, self-esteem issues, confusion, chaos and stress.

Who can help?
If you are experiencing problems with the thesis process, contact the Counselling Centre for a chat about your thesis process and the specific problems you are experiencing. We know about all your options and about the University of Southern Denmark’s current opportunities for thesis students. A thesis coach can also help you in a one-to-one interview. Coaching can help you rediscover your motivation and to maintain your focus. But perhaps what you need instead is a talk with one of the Student Counselling's psychologists or therapists.

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