Search process elements

If you are experiencing difficulties in getting started, try the following steps.

They can help you to get better search results and save time.

1. Start by analysing your research question
a) What exactly is your thesis about?
b) What elements does it have?

2. Make a search profile
a) Select three to four of the most important key terms from your analysis of your research question. They will usually turn out to be excellent search terms.
b) What term will you use to start your search and why?

3. Where to look
a) Find out which search tools are most relevant to your research question. If you do not know what search tools you can use for your subject, then ask your thesis supervisor or a member of staff at the library. You can make an appointment.

4. Carry out searches in the relevant search engines and databases, etc.
You can get tips here for:
a) Basic search techniques: See point 5 in the checklist.
b) Evaluating search results: See point 6 in the checklist.
c) Gathering material: See point 7 in the checklist.
d) Assessing the material: See point 8 in the checklist.

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