Grand finale or time of crisis?
Some students see their thesis as a wonderful and unique opportunity to immerse themselves in their favourite subject for six months. But for some students a thesis presents an insurmountable hurdle, where even the very thought of starting can make their blood run cold.

Tool box for students writing their theses
These pages are meant to be a source of inspiration and a kind of tool box for every student who is about to start or has already started their thesis. We have put together a series of tools, stories, proposals, advice, counselling and help, which you will find useful as you write your thesis. Use the menu on the left or click the links on the right.

Of course you can write your thesis!
We are 100% positive that every student who has progressed this far and is about to start his or her thesis, has the subject skills required to get it done. This is because only rarely does the writing process enter a crisis because of a problem with the subject. Frequently the problem is because a student’s tools are not good enough. For example, maybe they lack the tools needed to manage the large amounts of literature and data, or perhaps it is difficult working with deadlines that are too open?

First step: Know the rules!
The first step to writing a good thesis is to learn the rules. You should be aware that major changes were made in 2007 to the rules governing the writing of theses. So you should be careful when well-intentional friends or associates tell you about thesis rules and practices based on their experiences because these will probably be out of date.

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