Psychological disorders

Can I obtain support to complete a study programme if I have psychological problems?
Yes, many students have psychological disorders that make it more difficult for them to complete a programme than it is for their fellow students if they cannot get a little support.

Disorders such as ADHD, depression, social phobia, OCD and others may make it more difficult to maintain focus, concentrate on or adapt to their programme.

If you have documentation for a mental disorder in the form of a psychiatric diagnosis, a doctor's certificate or a copy of your medical records from a hospital, you can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS) on this basis.

Support usually takes the form of counselling and ancillary teaching, but can also be of a more practical nature – such as technical aid facilities designed to meet the special needs arising from the disorder in connection with attending classes. The Counselling and Support Centre provides support in the form of ancillary teaching.

You should note the fact that support is not treatment; it solely concerns you and your study programme.

SPS is individual and can only be obtained on application. You must therefore contact one of the university's SPS counsellors for details of your options. The SPS counsellor in question will apply for support on your behalf – you cannot forward an application yourself.

Special support for students at the University of Southern Denmark
The University of Southern Denmark also offers support to students with special needs, independently of SPS. A student might, for example, need an exemption in connection with an examination. Or you might need to use special aids or to take short breaks during an examination. If you have such special needs, you should apply to your Academic Study Board for an exemption. Ask your student counsellor or contact an SPS counsellor.

Some students also have a need for an individual study programme. This could be because it is impossible for them to keep to the standard study period on purely practical grounds or for other reasons. If you are considering this option, you should also contact your student counsellor. He or she will help you to draw up a study programme that lives up to the curriculum requirements, the ministerial order and, as far as possible, to the rules for State Education Grants (SU). If you are in doubt or have any questions, you are also welcome to contact an SPS counsellor.

Finally, there are students with exceptional needs. It is not always possible to meet all wishes and needs, but an SPS counsellor will be pleased to help you find a solution if it is at all possible. Under any circumstances, it is better to ask for advice than to wait until matters reach the point at which you experience problems in completing your programme.

More information
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact SPS counsellors Karoline Pinholt and Pia Cohen at Elite and Support on telephone number 6550 1800 or by e-mail to You can also contact them in person.

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