Confusion, chaos, stress

Many students occasionally feel that they are surrounded by chaos. It can be difficult explaining exactly what is happening, but it can feel like there is chaos and confusion in your private life and in your studies.
You might hear yourself saying:

  • I can't take it anymore!
  • I simply do not recognise myself.
  • I cannot make head nor tail of what is going on.
  • I cannot get myself together – for anything.
  • I cannot manage to prioritise things at all.

Confusion can be caused by many different things: The Student Counselling website describes a series of causes and gives good advice on how you can tackle your confusion.

Stress is often the cause of feelings of confusion and chaos. Perhaps you have bitten off more than you can chew. Perhaps you have overestimated your skills and resources and so you “stress” over the fact that you cannot do everything you set out to do.

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