Issues with parents

Leaving the family nest
Often when you begin your studies you have to leave home and move to a new town. Some people find this liberating, while others are much less happy about the move. But it can also be a difficult time for your parents.

This separation and establishment of new social contacts usually occurs without serious problems – even though it can be a hard and emotional process for everyone concerned.

Some people need help in becoming independent from their parents and require support in focusing on their own needs.

The Counselling Centre is available so you can talk about your problematic relationships with your parents. We can give advice and counselling and show you how to set limits and help you to articulate your own needs and feelings.

Student Counselling offers one-to-one interviews or group interviews for students when these problems become so intrusive that you feel they are getting the upper hand. The interviews can help you to define your problems and clarify the reasons for them and in this way give you the support you need to handle them differently and in a more appropriate fashion.

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