Project Oriented Course

Project Oriented Course (Internship)

A project oriented course consists of an unpaid stay in an academically relevant organization or company

The purpose of the project oriented course is to give students a professional experience that matches the overall objectives and competencies of the student's study programme as well as an organizational and personal knowledge of the field in which the student is studying.

You must always make sure to contact your study board about which rules apply to your particular study programme, as the rules may be different from programme to programme.

Project Oriented Course and Student Grants (SU)

If you are eligible for student grants (SU) and participating in a project oriented course, you also have the opportunity to get SU during the project oriented course. It is not allowed to receive a salary or any other payments while you receive student grants (SU)

You may, however, get documented costs that can be related to the project oriented course covered. This could include transportation costs, insurance and so on.

Read more on SU's website (Danish)

Student Agreement Form

When you enter into a partnership with a company in connection with a major task or project-oriented course / internship, it is important to have spoken with the company about what it is you expect from each other and of the cooperation.

Below you will find templates for cooperation, developed in collaboration between SDU Business and Legal Office. The agreements help you and your company to get a common understanding of the task to be solved and of the requirements and expectations from the both of you.

You must be aware that entering into a written agreement with a company must comply with the rules in your curriculum and can only be signed when you have made a final agreement with your supervisor at the university about the project oriented course.

If the company or you want to enter into a separate confidentiality agreement that your supervisor must be part of or if you want to use a different type of contract than the one pre-printed, the agreement shall be sent to the Legal Office for approval.

- Student Agreement regarding Project Oriented Course (English contract)

-Studenteraftale vedr. projektorienterede forløb (Danish contract)

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