The total costs of a study abroad period depend on a number of circumstances, and it is important to draw up a sensible budget. A study abroad period can certainly be arranged without additional costs compared to staying at home, but it can also be quite expensive, e.g. if you choose to study outside an exchange programme. As an exchange student, you will basically need to cover the same expenses as at home: food, accommodation, books and personal pleasures. It all depends on your preferences and financial situation.

The typical costs are:

  • Travel to and from the host university
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation and living expenses abroad*
  • Social and cultural experiences abroad

Please notice, sometimes you will need to provide your host university with proof that you are able to finance your stay abroad. This is especially used when going overseas.

* Also remember to rent out your apartment/dorm room in Denmark, while you are studying abroad. Additional information about subletting your apartment to an international student can be found at the subpage Accommodation.

Grants and Scholarships

When you go abroad through SDU International, you will automatically apply for a travel grant either from the Internationalization Fund, the Erasmus programme or Nordplus. The grants awarded will typically cover travel expenses and a little extra.

Since the grants are considered to be used for travel in connection with a study abroad period, they are exempt from taxation in Denmark as long as you don't profit on them.

For more information about grants, have a look at the subpages about Grants and Scholarships.

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