Planning a stay abroad is a chance to grow both academically and personally. It is a process which requires you to take responsibility, so make sure you keep notes of the progress and the advice you get. In that way you can always have a clear understanding of what your next step will be.

A well-prepared stay abroad is a better stay abroad. Unexpected things can always happen, but basically you can limit your worries if you carefully handle issues such as finances, travel plans, accommodation, insurance, visa/residence permit, and pre-approval of courses before you go abroad. If these things are sorted out prior to your stay abroad, it gives you time to simply enjoying your stay abroad and concentrate on your studies. On the following pages you can find information about a range of practical matters to consider before departure.

SDU International will guide you to our best ability. Please remember, however, that we are not liable for planning your stay or for things happening at the host institution. You will have to plan and carry out your study abroad period - but we will be more than happy to guide and advise you in the process.

Be prepared for meeting a new country and a different culture. Administrative processes, academic affairs and practical matters work differently from country to country, so prepare well. Read about your new country and its people, talk to other students who have been there before and learn a few new words. Prepare for a different, but truly beneficial adventure.

On the subpages related to this page you can find tips and advice to a number of practical matters in connection with your stay abroad - for before, during and after.

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