The ENBS programme gives students at BA in Business, Language and Culture (Negot.), merc. and oecon. degrees the opportunity to acquire a European Master’s diploma on top of their “regular” master’s degree. To accomplish this it is required that you as a student apply for the programme before starting your master’s degree.

The programme entails:

  • A study abroad period of one year at one of the ENBS partner institutions
  • Participation in management courses at a partner university in Europe
  • An academic course called “European Affairs” consisting of 20 ECTS at a partner university
  • An extra academic course of 30 ECTS that can be approved in relation to your degree at SDU
  • Master thesis must contain a European focus

Further information can be obtained through ENBS' website here.

SDU collaborates with the following ENBS institutions:







Please be aware that all these universities will have to be contacted by SDU International to determine if an ENBS study period is possible at the current time.

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