Clinical Stay

You will have to arrange the clinical stay yourself, but we recommend that you speak to former students, teachers and academic advisors about the matter. Furthermore, you should participate in the meetings about clinical stays on the medicine programme.

The university’s Internationalization Fund awards a range of grants each year to students of medicine going abroad on clinical stays. The grants vary from 1300-3400 DKK per stay.

Please note, that you should apply after you have finished your clinical stay.

After your clinical stay you must send the following to SDU Internatational:

  • Application for the Internationalization Fund
  • Documentation of the stay (for example a recommendation)
  • Grade Transcript, incl. all attempts, that states that you have received credit for the clinical stay.

You can find more information on clinical stays abroad via the links below:

*IMCC is an organization aiding students going abroad in relation to their studies in health sciences.

Should you have any questions then you are more than welcome to contact us at SDU International.

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