International semester

SDU is the first university to introduce a compulsory international semester for its students.

From September 2017 SDU will be the first university in Denmark with a scheme that dictates that all students must complete an international semester.

This is the result of two years’ work revising curricula to facilitate the introduction of an international semester in individual courses on the basis of professional considerations.

An international semester will consist either of a stay abroad or of an international academic course in Denmark.

The scheme applies to all students on a 5-year course of study at SDU: in other words, both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree programme.

Internationalisation at Home

Students who, for a variety of reasons, do not wish, or are unable to study abroad will have to complete an international semester at SDU.

During this ‘Internationalisation at Home’ semester, teaching will be conducted in English, there will be an international approach to subjects and there will also be international students in classes.

Students have a choice

In practice, a student can either make use of one of the agreements SDU already has with a number of universities abroad, or s/he can organise their own stay.

The agreements must be approved by the boards of studies at SDU. The latter will also offer recommendations in terms of when, in a particular course of study, it would be most appropriate to travel away.

The stay abroad will count as a semester, so SDU’s compulsory internationalisation will not mean longer duration of study for students.

Generally speaking, students will also be able to make use of their State Education Grant or Loans. If a student chooses to travel on the basis of an exchange agreement, tuition will be free, and s/he will be given a grant to pay for travel and accommodation.

The cost of a stay will vary depending on where a student goes, so a stay abroad will not necessary entail additional costs for a student.

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