Allocation of places

Prioritizing applications

Our goal is to send out as many students as possible, and usually we also have places and grants for all. Often, however, the demand for places is not equal to the actual offer. Many students tend to apply for the same few places although we have hundreds of exchange places. It is a strongly recommended that you apply for more than one place if your first priority is a place that is popular among other students. We always try to comply with your wishes, but to have a better chance of getting abroad, make sure you have one or more "back-up" places.

All incoming applications are prioritized in line with criteria agreed upon with each faculty, primarily your grade average.

All applications for our exchange places are prioritized according to the following criteria:

  • Grade average
  • ECTS load (minimum 25 ECTS)
  • Previous exchanges

The higher your grade average the higher are your chances of getting one of your top priorities in your application. Please note that some overseas exchange partners have a minimum grade average for accepting students.

It is expected that you take a full semester load as far as possible, provided that you comply with the Study Progress Reform. Currently the minimum load is 25 ECTS. Applicants applying for less than 25 ECTS may be given lower priority that those complying with this criteria. Exceptions may occur for some programmes, for example Market, Management & Anthropology where the mandatory semester abroad only requires 20 ECTS.

Have you previously been on exchange through SDU you may be given a lower priority compared to those applicants that have not.

Other criteria, however, may also be used, e.g. comments from your study board.

Applications only for grants from the Internationalization Fund will also be prioritized if our total grant amount is exceeded. We will then prioritize according to ECTS, other funding (e.g. salary during an internship), and whether students have received support from the Fund before.

Allocation of exchange places

Around 4-6 weeks after the application deadlines expire we send out our decision on your application to your student email. We inform you which place you have been awarded and ask you to confirm this. When you have confirmed your interest in the place you have been offered, we will nominate you as an exchange student to the partner university. After this, you will need to apply for admission at the host university.

Later we will send you an email with information about your grant.

Allocation of travel grants

When you apply for an exchange place you automatically also apply for a travel grant from the relevant exchange programme (Erasmus, Nordplus or the Internationalization Fund).

Please note that SDU International first allocates exchange places and following allocates travel grants. Therefore it may take up to 8 weeks after the application deadline before you get an answer about your grant.

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