Internships and Project Oriented Placements

Placements within Europe:

The Erasmus+ Placement Programme is an EU programme for university students, who want to do an internship or project oriented placement project oriented placement abroad in collaboration with a foreign organisation or institution as part of their studies.

The financial support is facilitated by SDU International, and to be eligible the following conditions must apply:

  • The placement must take place within EU, Island, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or Turkey.
  • The placement cannot take place at EU institutions.
  • The placement must be meritorious/credit bearing.
  • The placement must last at least 2 months.*

*The placement period is calculated in exact dates, for example 1/5/2018 – 1/7/2018. Placements lasting for example 1 month and 3 weeks cannot be considered for Erasmus+. Read the below on shorter stays.

Before the placement commences an agreement must be entered between SDU, the host of the placement and the student about the content of the placement, a so-called Training Agreement.

EU grants a scholarship of about 250-350 euro a month to merited placements under this scheme.

You can find the template form for the Training Agreement as well as the application form for financial support for the placement by clicking here.

Application deadline: No later than 1 month before departure*.

Applications are processed approximately 4 times a year.

*For placements starting in August, the application deadline is the 1st of June.

Extra grants for students with special needs:

The Erasmus+ program wants to make sure that all students have equal opportunities to go abroad – therefore you can apply for extra Erasmus+ grant if you have special needs.

The Erasmus+ program has the following information on “special needs support”:
A person with special needs is a potential participant whose individual physical, mental or health-related situation is such that his/her participation in the mobility/project would not be possible without extra financial support.

Please contact SDU International for further information.

Placements outside of Europe and shorter placements: the Internationalisation Fund

If you are doing a placement abroad outside of the Erasmus+ scheme, for example outside of Europe or a placement lasting less than two months, then you can apply for a travel scholarship from the university’s Internationalisation Fund, provided the placement has been preapproved by your Study Board.

PLEASE NOTE! Changes are forthcoming for grant sizes for placements starting from the 1st of January 2016. In some cases this will mean a reduction of grant sizes relative to earlier grants, but in most cases grant sizes will stay the same or increase.

The following conditions must apply to be eligible for the SDU Internationalisation Fund:

  • You must be a full-time student at SDU
  • A minimum credit transfer of 5 ECTS must be awarded by your Study Board.
  • Your Study Board has to give its pre-approval of your stay abroad, and upon your return, you must apply for credit transfer, or your stay abroad should be approved as part of your bachelor's project or master's thesis.
  • You will need to be enrolled at or employed by an institution abroad during the entire period.
  • You cannot at the same time receive support from SDU's other exchange programmes or from the 'Udlandsstipendieordning'.

The size of the grant depends on destination, duration and number of ECTS approved. Individual trips, participation in conferences, data collection etc. are not supported.

Your grades may be considered.

Special procedures apply to students of medicine (Click here).

Further information can be acquired from SDU International.

Application deadlines: Continuously (Application must be submitted before the end of the academic year were the placement takes place)

Applications are processed approximately 4 times a year.

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