Starting your studies at the Faculty of Health Sciences

At the study start pages we, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, have collected the most relevant information for you. This way, you will feel well equipped when starting your studies at this Faculty.

You will be introduced to many new challenges both academically and socially. The different intro meetings, introduction camps, and our social instructors will do their best to make sure you get a good start. To make sure you get help and answers to any questions you may have during your education, we have academic supervisors and competent personnel at your service.

With our competent social and academic offers we welcome you to your new study. We hope you will make great use of the above mentioned offers during your study. With that said, I sincerely hope you get a good start and that you, along with your fellow students, will contribute to a good and healthy study environment and community at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Ole Skøtt
Dean at the Faculty of Health Sciences

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