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22 % of the full time students at the University of Southern Denmark filled in the questionnaire from this year’s Evaluation of the Study and Educational Environments. You can see the questions from the questionnaire here: Study and Educational Environments Survey

A report containing recommendations for improvement of the study and educational environments based on the analyses of the students’ responses has now been made. In the following section you will be able to read the main conclusions and recommendations from this year’s Evaluation of the Study and Educational Environments.

First it is important to mention that the students’ overall evaluation of the study and educational environments has been relatively high in both 2004, 2007, and 2010 with an average score on a scale from 0-10 on 6,6, 6,5, and 6,5 respectively. Therefore, it is positive that this year’s evaluation also resulted in a relatively high overall average score, which was 6,8. When separating the four environments, the physical, the aesthetic, the psychological, and the virtual, it is seen that the environment the students’ are least satisfied with is the aesthetic study and educational environment.

Furthermore, in this year’s evaluation, the students were asked to list the three factors they consider the most important for a good study and educational environment. Most students find the teaching the most important determinant, as most students mentioned this as their first or second priority. On top of this, social life and social activities, as well as teaching facilities and rooms were given a high priority by the students.


The following recommendations, which have been made on the basis of the analyses of the students’ responses, should be given top priority.

  • An improvement of aesthetics in the teaching and lecture rooms. These are criticised because they are seen as being too dark and lack color. Improving this is important because a lot of students have outlined how poor aesthetics result in a poor learning environment.
  • An effort to fight loneliness. One fifth of the students at the University of Southern Denmark feel lonely. The report’s analyses have shown that loneliness is connected with the lack of study groups, lack of contact between students, as well as a lack of a good selection of academic and social activities. An improvement of these things is therefore needed.
  • An improvement of the furnishings/layout and indoor climate of the teaching rooms, as 20 % of the students find these conditions inferior.

You can reed the summary here: English Summary of the Study and Educational Environments Survey

If you have any questions and/or comments you can contact the project group via:

By following the links below you can read more about the evaluation


The winners of the competition about having the highest response rates, were:

The study programme with the highest response rate with more than 79 students is:

BSc. Market and Management Anthropology with 66%
from the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

The study programme with the highest response rate with 30-79 students is:

BSc. in Engineering - Welfare Technology with 64%
from the Faculty of Engineering

The study programme with the highest response rate with 10-29 students is:

MSc in Mathematics - research profile with 61%
from the Faculty of Science

Official election of the winners
Tuesday the 7th of May at Tvarnø's Torv, the election of the winners was entrance K, Campusvej 55, Odense.

The Vice-Chancellor Jens Oddershede and the Chairman of 'Syddanske Studerende' Peter Lykkegaard Hansen said a few words before the election to the winners and the attendance.

Information about STUMV 2013

The Evaluation of the Study and Educational Environments 2013 ran from the 20th of March 2013 until the 14th of April 2013, and the report containing results, analyses and conclusions from the survey are now published. By law, The Evaluation of the Study and Educational Environments has to be accomplished every three years. Therefore, University of Southern Denmark has previously accomplished such evaluations in 2004, 2007, and 2010. It has been decided that University of Southern Denmark in the future will be executing the evaluation every two years.

The evaluation focuses on four different environments at University of Southern Denmark; the physical, the aesthetic, the psychological, and the virtual study and educational environments. It consists of 13 questions compared to 14 questions in 2010. Furthermore, due to an emphasis on the importance of the student’s voice, several “additional comments boxes” have been added.

Compared to previous years, some changes have been made in this year’s evaluation. Among other things this includes that only full-time students have been emailed the survey, because the completion among part-time students the previous years has been very low. Furthermore, there has in this year’s evaluation been a great focus on the marketing of the evaluation, so that the response rate hopefully will improve. One of the main elements of the marketing is a competition where the different study programmes compete against each other about having the highest completion rate to win a social or academic event for the study programme.

University of Southern Denmark’s strategic initiative “Students in Focus” has increased the focus on the students study and educational environments. Hence it is of great importance that as many students as possible complete the questionnaire to give University of Southern Denmark the best possible opportunities to create and implement concrete plans of action based on the results of the evaluation as well as the analyses and conclusions in the report.

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