Study survey 2015

The Evaluation of the Study Environments

In March SDU conducted its regular survey of the study environment for the fifth time. The aim of the survey is to provide a snapshot of how students assess their study environment so that SDU can create the best possible framework for its students’ wellbeing. We look at the physical, aesthetic and virtual conditions and at the psychological and social framework. A report analysing the students’ response has now been completed. The report itself is only published in Danish, but you can reed the English summary here: English Summary of the Study Environments Survey.

If you have queries about the survey or the report you can write to

You can see the questions from the questionnaire here: Study and Educational Environments Survey

Study survey 2015

SDU is in the process of examining the students' learning environment, and therefore we sent Tuesday, March 3 an email with a link to more than 22,000 full-time students at SDU's five campuses. Student assessment is mandatory and implemented at SDU every two years. SDU want the students to have the best possible learning environment, ie the best possible physical, aesthetic, virtual, mental and social framework. Therefore, we need to hear students' opinions. We achieved a response rate of 46.5%, making this the Denmark Record. 10,428 students responded to the questionnaire, giving a response rate of 46.5% this way more than we doubled the response rate from the last survey of the study in 2013 (which was the response rate 22%).

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