What is Institutdysten?

Institutdystenis a social event organised by students for students. The aim of the battle is to encourage students across faculties, institutes, and centres to create an attractive study environment together with SDU.

Institutdysten will be conducted every year on the first Friday of May. It will consist of different competitions where students, on behalf of their institutes, compete against each other.

Here you can read about, how Institutdysten was in 2015:

It was possible to compete in  disciplines:

All disciplines gave one point and the homemade go-kart race gave double.
If you did not wished to participate in the disciplines, you were welcome to come cheer, relax and enjoy the entertainment.
It was possible to buy drinks and food on field in the surrounding of Fellow students.

Find your institutmanager here.


If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.


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